Byzantine churches and The Archaeological Museum at Agora

After some technical difficulties we are here to report on Friday’s activities! After another early start, we were ready to see more of beautiful Athens.  We headed out on the metro to Syntagma where we saw the parliament building.  Luckily there were no protestors today!  We continued on through downtown until we reached our first Byzantine church of the day. Professor Salowey talked about the different styles of architecture.  It was surprising to see such an old building in such a modern area. We went to see two more churches, one of which is still in use. We got to see the insides of both of them. The one that was still in use had a very serene atmosphere, and it was a privilege to get to be inside.


We headed over to the museum to see their collection after visiting the churches. We had the special treat of being able to go behind the scenes to see what it is like to work at an archaeological museum. We learned what it takes to keep all the artifacts maintained and where they store all the objects not on display. Finally, we learned about the process of digitizing their records. It was fascinating to see how much easier new technology like the iPad is improving their research methods. But, having these notes at their fingertips can sometimes make it easy for archaeologists to make assumptions about their digs.


After we stuffed our brains with all of the information we set off to stuff our stomachs. We went downtown and learned how to order ourselves “toast”, the Greek version of a panini — delicious! On the way to eat in the park we walked past a bakery and we were enticed by the smells. We unanimously decided we needed to get some cookies. It turns out its not so hard to get a quick meal in Athens. We enjoyed our goodies in the park and soaked up the sunshine.


Brittany and Angel

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