January 18, 2013: Mt. Olympus and Thessaloniki

After a superb breakfast at our hotel in Litochoro, we went adventuring on Mt. Olympus! We saw the trails used by hikers trying to reach the peaks, walked along the aqueduct, and saw a vividly blue waterfall that flows from the Aegean Sea. We even found some wild thyme! We also heard a presentation from Madchen about the gods of Greek mythology, who made their home on Mt. Olympus.

We made a stop at Dion to check out temples of Zeus and Isis, as well as some villas and even a communal toilet! We also saw some mosaics, pottery, and some really nice statuary in the archaeological museum in Dion. 
From Dion we trekked onward to Thessaloniki. It’s the second largest city in Greece, and as Professor Richter told us in front of the White Tower soon after we arrived, its location has caused various empires to fight over it throughout history. Even today, Thessaloniki and its White Tower are sources of controversy and political turmoil.
 From the White Tower, the port on the beautiful Aegean Sea is right in front of you, and behind the tower the city is clearly visible on an upward slope. Though the tower was quite lovely when we saw it today, it used to be called the Red Tower due to its reputation as a home for torture chambers. 
We’ve only been here for a few hours, but even our hotel is very different from other places we’ve stayed. Thessaloniki feels much more cosmopolitan than Athens, being a college town, and appears to have a younger and more diverse population. Most of us can’t wait to go shopping!
– Brittany and Shoshana 

About shoshanasaurus

I'm a student (class of 2015) at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA, and I'm tentatively studying Classical Studies and Sociology. I'm interested in music, human behavior, cats, and a variety of other things, and sometimes I just like to write on the internet about my life.
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