Free Day in Athens!

Today we had our free day in Athens! We all split up and did different things.

One of the more challenge parts of visiting Greece has been that the public transportation is unpredictable. The metro system has been inconsistent because of strikes due to political instability and public discontent. We all took the obstacle in stride and came up with creative means of getting to our destinations, with the guidance of our intrepid professors. Many of us took a series of buses, which were luckily not on strike, while others walked or took cabs.

Stephanie visited the Byzantine Art Museum and the Cycladic Art Museum.





A lot of us (Angel, Ashleigh, Cassie, Catherine, Pavithra, Mädchen, Shoshana, Sarah, Hadley, Melissa, and Brittany)  went shopping in different parts of Athens, such as Monastiraki, Syntagma, the Plaka, or the Deree college area.


Syntagma Square during peak shopping time.


Post-shopping chocolate fix: always a good idea, especially in Greece.

We also visited the Athenian market to collect ingredients for our communal Chili night tomorrow.

Today was relaxing in comparison to our previous action-packed days, but was still an adventure in itself!

Angel, Stephanie, & Pavithra

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