January 21: Adventures of Makrynitsa

After another fabulous breakfast in Thessaloniki we journeyed south towards Athens. Along the way we stopped at the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum to explore the exhibit, Gold of Macedonia! One of the main pieces that we focused on was the Derveni Crater (a vessel in which wine was mixed) which showed scenes of Dionysus. The vase was made of bronze, but it appeared to be made of gold. This was because they used a higher concentration of tin, which created “tin sweat” that made it appear gold. We saw numerous statuary, mosaics, and gold work. There was also an amazing chronological timeline.One notable rare find was of a lead casket with a females remains. Due to the lead casket she was particularly well preserved, even still possessing her eyebrows and braided hair.

Leaving Thessaloniki we saw ghostly views of Mount Olympus in the mist. We stopped in the town of Volos, at the base of Mount Pelion, for lunch. As a group we tried the Asian Noodle Bar, which was the first Asian restaurant we have seen since our adventures in Greece began! We then headed up Mount Pelion to the beautiful mountain village of Makrynitsa, where we will be spending the night.

After settling into our rooms we ventured out into the village to explore the architecture and enjoy the sunset over a cup of coffee. The view of the ocean and the city of Volos below was exquisite! We then met back at the bed and breakfast style hotel to discuss our observations of the architecture, sustainability, and culture of this charming village. Now we are going to venture out in search of dinner! As we say in Greek, Kaleeneechta (good night).

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